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Windows are an essential component of your home because they can improve or break your home’s energy efficiency and thermal performance. A room with a wrong type of glass on their windows will overheat during summer, and winter will have heat leaking out of the room the same way water passes a sieve. 

Leaking windows can raise the heating and cooling costs as well as make your home an uncomfortable place to be year-round. Thus, enhance the condition of your home by investing in the Bendigo Glass Replacement for your windows.

Double glazed window installation done in Bendigo

How to Discover a Leaking Window 

There are several ways of telling whether a window is leaking. It would be best if you discovered all the tiny air leaks that prevent the window from being energy-efficient and cozy. The following are different ways of detecting leaks. 


A detailed visual inspection of the exterior and interior of your home will help you discover these holes. Inspect the old caulking and look out for gaps between the window frame and the home’s siding. Look out for failed or damaged glazing. Confirm whether the door and the window are sealed against air and water infiltration. 

Inspect the interior of your home and look for signs of opening that needs to be sealed. It would be best if you did this with the help of the daylight.  

Smoke Test 

At times some problems are not visible enough, and air may leak without you noticing it. However, you can discover this through a smoke test. Turn off all the combustion appliances like a water heater or furnace, close all the doors and windows in your home. 

You can now turn on the bathroom and kitchen exhaust vents to create negative pressure, thus suck exterior air through any opening, gaps, and crack into the house.  

Hold a burning incense stick near the windows or doors and notice any changes in the smoke as it rises from the incense stick. The smoke will be sucked inwardly through the gaps, but it will remain undisturbed when there are no gaps.   

Infrared Thermometer 

The non-contact thermometer will measure the windows’ ambient air temperatures. The thermometer will render a colder temperature in cases where there are leaks. Thus, this gadget offers an easy way of detecting a vulnerable area that wastes energy and increases the cost.   

Use the best Bendigo glass replacement to enhance to minimize energy leaks. 

Double and Triple Glazing  

For centuries homeowners have been using single pane glass. However, energy efficiency has become the main concern for both homeowners and developers. They have switched to the best Bendigo glass replacement, which are doubled glazed or triple glazed windows. 

Double glazed windows have two glass panes with an insulating gas between them. The triple-glazed windows have a third pane of glass, and all are separated by inertia gas. The window is costlier than the single and double glazed window. 

You can talk to Bendigo’s Glass Services about replacing your windows with the glazed options, for they offer improved overall performance.  

Since most builders used metal as the spacer between the window panes, you consider the best Bendigo glass replacement because metals are good conductors of heat and allow ice crystals and condensation. The switch will minimize the chances of moistures being trapped between panes.  

Window Glass Filing  

There is a debate on which is better; air or inert gas. Air creates two sections when used in window glazing, namely warm areas at the top and the cold regions at the bottom of the window as the external weather cools or warms. 

This led to the replacement of the air with krypton or argon gas, which is less conductive, thus reduced heat transfer and improved energy performance. These gases are also non-reactive, non-toxic, odourless, and transparent. 

Low-E versus Tempered Glass 

Double glazed window installation completed in Bendigo

Another Bendigo glass replacement consideration is the low-remittance coating. It’s a thin metal layer applied on one side of the glass during the manufacturing process. The purpose of this invisible coating is to slow the heat transfer between the glasses. It’s mostly placed on the glass pane’s inner face to minimize physical damage and protect it from individual elements.   

Low-R Coatings

Different low-E coatings have been developed to provide low, moderate, and high solar heat gain. The technology controls the movement of the heat through the panes. It allows builders to customize windows based on the homeowner’s needs as well as the seasonal weather and overall climate patterns. 

The high solar-gain coatings permit more heat into the building or home from the sun. On the other hand, the low solar-gain layers block nearly 75% of the heat from the sun.   

Higher solar-gain coatings are useful in long, harsh winters, while lower solar-gain surfaces are suitable for warm climates. 

For that reason, when choosing the best Bendigo glass replacement, select the low-E coatings based on your climatic weather condition. 

Tempered Glass

It’s also known as safety glass, and according to the best Bendigo glass replacement, it’s the smartest choice for the glass structures and windows in the house. The glass is heated and cooled extremely quickly when manufacturing it. These rapid changes make the glass more durable than the untreated glass. 

Further, the tempered glass crumbs into dull-edged, small pieces when it breaks while an ordinary glass breaks under relatively little force and shatters into shards that are quite dangerous and poses substantial safety risks. 

The glass can be used on the windows if certain conditions are met. These include.  

  • The operable or fixed window has to have safety glass when it’s larger than 6 ft sq. 
  • The bottom edge should be 450mm and below.  
  • The top edge should be 900mm and above the floor.  
  • A walking surface of 900mm of the glass.  

Other places that you can install the best Bendigo glass replacement are on the operable, fixed, sliding, swinging, and bifold doors. The wet area, such as near the sauna, hot tub and bathrooms should have safety glass. Stairs rails, nonstructural infill, and structural baluster panels should have safety glass.   

Contact Bendigo’s Glass Services for more information and a quote. 

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