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big mirror glass bathroom

We are also the professional and reliable glass service that you can call when you need mirrors. The right mirror can really complete a space, especially your bathroom, so getting the right one is all-important. With our service able to provide a range of mirrors tailored and customised to your bathroom space and requirements, you’ll always be able to get just what you are looking for with us. We also provide both mirror repair and replacement, should anything go wrong. So, whatever mirror services you are after, we are the reliable glass service you can get in touch with.


No bathroom is complete without a mirror. They’re essential. In fact, no bathroom is complete without the right mirror. And that’s what our glass service is here to provide for your bathroom. Along with our other glass services, we also specialise in providing mirrors for your home and bathroom. Mirrors, whilst of course being practical, can also be a great design element that you can really take advantage of in a number of interesting and creative ways. We can provide mirrors to fit a variety of needs. So, get just what you are looking for with our glass service.

Great Design Element

With a limited amount of space, it can often be hard to design a bathroom that you are completely satisfied with. One underused technique that you can try is to make use of mirrors in creative and interesting ways. Firstly, mirrors, when used in the right way, can create the illusion of greater space, boosting the appeal of your bathroom. Along with this, there’s also a number of modern and stylish ways that can they be highlighted, and made to be the real centrepiece of your bathroom design. So, why not make the most of the space that you have with a perfectly designed mirror?

Custom Fit

The other great benefit of using mirrors in your bathroom is that they can be custom designed and fitted for the space that you have. We can provide custom glass to fit any mirror that you want. This means you can easily adjust them to suit your needs, whether you have practical needs, design requirements or anything else. It’s easy to get just what you are looking for with our service. So, get the perfect mirror to fit your bathroom and create the look and space that you’ve always wanted.

Replacement and Repair

We understand that accidents can happen around your home, and it’s usually your glass that’s worse for wear. This is the reason why we’ve incorporated both repair and replacement into our range of mirror services. Whether you are left with a damaged mirror or a broken mirror, it’s imperative to make sure that you act quickly, especially for safety reasons. When it comes to minor damage, we can quickly get to work repairing it. In the case of major damage or broken glass, we’ll make sure that you have a replacement in no time.


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