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Double glazing is a type of insulation whereby two pieces of glass are separated by a layer of argon gas and sealed off. The unit is installed in the house as a window frame. Argon gas is used because it’s a poor heat conductor.

Therefore, the trapped air prevents the transmission of heat while the second glass pane serves as a barrier to noise. You can get better insulation by increasing the width of the air gap and getting a superior glass quality. These windows can last between 20 and 25 years. They also have several benefits, but one of its challenges is condensation between panes, cracks, leaks, and draughts.

Fiberglass window recently installed in Bendigo

Types of Double Glazing

There are different styles of double glazing your windows. They include;

Sash Windows:

These windows have two layers and use tramline to slide one sheet over the other. Usually, the bottom layer is the one that slides up the tramline for the window to open.

UPVC White Casement:

Casement windows are popular because they are less costly, stylish, and modern. However, they have no openings hence the chance of getting fresh air when the weather is warm.

The second type is casement windows with hinges; thus, they can open inwards or outwards to allow air circulation. These windows have in-built security features that limit the level to which you can open the window. Its added advantage for it will keep burglars away and secure your child from getting out. You can contact Bendigo Glass Service for more information about the centre or pivoted hinged casement window, sliding folding casement, awning or top-hung casement, or top light casement, among others.

French UPVC White Casement

This is an expensive version of the casement windows. This window is different from the standard one because it has no supporting bar running across the centre of the frame. Therefore, two sides can open both in and out, which gives you maximum ventilation and a clear view of the outside.

Turn or Tilt Windows:

These windows are attractive, practical, and versatile. They are manufacturing it with high standards than the rest and provides you with maximum ventilation in summer months. Thus these windows have low maintenance. They also have handles placed on the top and the side of the frame. The top handle tilts the window inwards and outwards while the side handle opens the window in or outwards, just like the casement windows.

Other alternatives to double glazing are secondary glazing, which is superior to a single glass layer window but inferior to double glazing.

Advantages of Double Glazing Your Windows
  • You can double glaze for soundproofing or noise reduction. It is essential, especially if you live near an airport or noisy neighbourhood, and a house has a single glazing window that allows even the slightest noise in. It also helps to keep your conversation with family and friends within your home. Further, double glazing will enable you to listen to your music without disturbing your neighbour.
  • Double glazing was initially developed to offer improved insulation as compared to traditional glazing. The insulation reduces the transmission of heat between the house and the outer air, which is cold. Thus the house retains the heat during a sunny day as well as keeps extreme heat away during summer. Therefore you’re able to enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters due to the double glazed windows.
  • The doubled glazed windows contribute to reduced energy bills since the house can retain the amount of heat it gained during the day. Thus you don’t have to heat the home regularly during winter. You also don’t have to keep the air conditioner on throughout in summer. This means that you will pay less on energy bills.
  • Double glazing contributes immensely to the growth and development of the planet earth. The main focus in recent years is to conserve the environment by reducing energy consumption. Therefore, by insulating your windows, you are minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • A double glazed house is more comfortable to live in; thus, this investment increases the value of your property. You are likely to get a better deal if you ever want to sell your house.
Some advantages also are:
  • Double glazing doesn’t affect the cleaning and maintenance of the window. However, you need to clean this window regularly to prevent the buildup of dust, which can cause discolouration. You should also wipe off any condensation on this window to avoid rusting of the window frames. Abrasive cleaning materials should not be used when cleaning. Proper maintenance is done to ensure that the window lasts long.
  • It improves security because it makes the windows tough, thus hard to break or forcefully open it. Therefore this insulation discourages burglars due to enhanced security levels.
Is double glazing worth it?
  • Double glazed windows are energy efficient; thus, the cost of installing these windows is worthwhile. The investment reduces your energy bills per annual due to lesser energy consumption during the winter and summer months.
  • Therefore, you should implement double glazing insulation based on the climatic conditions of where you live. The insulated Glass Units (IGUs) sum up the benefits of the double glazed windows with aspects that improve thermal comfort while minimizing ongoing costs.

Investing in double glazing windows has several advantages, such as reduction of noise levels, enhanced thermal performance, environment, and security. Therefore, this investment is worthwhile in the long run and should be considered whenever glazing is being done.

You may be wondering who can fit double glazing of your window. It’s important to note that accredited individuals or specialists make significant home improvements. The company is responsible for the safety of your property and its workers.

Therefore, contact Bendigo Glass Service. The experts will give you a quote and suggestions on the best quality of glass you can purchase for your double glazing. The best style that you can use to derive maximum ventilation and energy performance.

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