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Want frameless shower screen? Are you doing a bathroom refurbishment? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of designing your bathroom with a frameless glass shower screen. When making the decision, consider these advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages

Upgrading to frameless shower screens has many advantages. A few are aesthetic, but practical benefits still occur.

The Style

These days a minimalist interior design is on the rise. This trend has brought popularity to frameless glass showers. The plan will make the bathroom attractive if you’re looking to sell or rent your house. It will be considered as luxurious to have an enclosure with a frameless shower screen.

When you remove the hardware, the way you decorate most of the bathroom is no longer limited. This style will give you absolute freedom when the remaining of the toilet is finish decorating.

No Size Limit

You’ll find a common standard of sizes whenever you purchase framed glass shower panels. Presumably, one of those measurements fits with your bathroom. Additionally, frameless glass can have the shape to match every size you like. It gives a lot of versatility to the windows.

Remember this as an opportunity for your shower doors to have a more personalized look. You can move them, or you can build a door of any length.

None Corroding

There would be nothing to destroy if there is no equipment. Corroded metal is perhaps the most common reason to replace conventional metal-framed windows. Your shower will look awesome into the future for a long time. You’ll also save money by not having to substitute as early as possible.

Maximize the Space You Have

Indeed, a frameless glass shower screen cannot automatically increase floor space to your bathroom. What your brain can do is confuse you into believing that the restroom is larger. It’s more like a cloth partition splitting your bathroom when you already have a shower curtain. This type of division makes your bathroom looks smaller. A glass wall is transparent, then you don’t see it like that even if it still separates the space. Your bathroom is going to feel lighter, more significant, and airy.

Reduce the Mould

Moulds and mildews will have fewer chances to expand when no water collection equipment is present. Framed shower screens provide the opportunity for water to pick up seals around and under the screen. This accumulated water and the heated temperature of your bathroom is the best environment to develop mould. So you are struggling to avoid the endless battle.

The frameless doors are easy to wash. Clean the glass and squeegee plates. The glass is transparent once you shower, and you’re clean.

The Disadvantages

Until committing to a frameless glass screen, there are some disadvantages to note. Price appears to be the most dissuasive for those who want to upgrade.

The Price

A frameless shower screen’s actual price is higher than conventional framed shower costs. This product might not be the shower screen for you if you are on a limited budget. Nevertheless, more than the initial price, you have to think. You’re offering a state-of-the-art upgrade to your house.

You also extend the time usability until replacing this screen. The amount you now spent on the glass is worth the advantages.

Potential Leaking

The metal frame covering conventional glass doors serves as an insulator. It helps to keep the water in the shower and also the majority of the bathroom. You’re not going to have the showerhead to point straight to the screen or holes as this can cause water to leak out.

Getting a professional to cut the glass to correct dimensions is the way to go to prevent this problem from even happening. A professional must calculate and cut the glass to exactly match the width of your shower to have the holes as small as possible.

Heat Might be a Problem

It’s a rare case. Frameless glass shower panels made of tempered glass. The glass can’t tolerate the temperature from the water on quite rare instances, and the supporting framework will shatter. This instance is a rare occurrence, and the same possible problem faces framed screens. Don’t let this minor risk stop providing a lovely new appearance to your shower.

Consider carefully in the topic above about the advantages and disadvantages of the frameless shower screens. Consult a professional to find out if it is possible to address your questions about these shower screens.

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