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Glass splashback changes the entire décor of the place where you choose to install them. Having one in your house improves the appearance of your kitchen as well as its attractiveness.

On the other hand, glass is an expensive building material, and installing a glass splashback is costly. However, this installation will give you a classy looking kitchen.

Luxurious kitchen with glass splashback done in Bendigo

The following are some of the glass splashbacks that you can pick for your kitchen.

Crackled Glass Splashbacks

Choose an iced cracked effect that results from shattering a toughened glass for your kitchen worktop and dining room table.

Printed Glass Splashbacks

You can have a high-resolution image printed on your glass splashbacks. This includes digital or textures graphics, digital images, or photographs. Choose a modern art or stunning landscape from stock image websites and have it printed on the glass splashback to complement your kitchen’s décor.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

The glass splashbacks are made of a painted toughened glass which is heat and impact resistant. There are different top brands, like RAL and unlimited colour choices. Further, you can give the contractor a colour sample and ask them to match your preferred glass splashback.

Mirrored Glass Splashbacks

Mirrors have standard silver, bronze, and grey finishes. They are delicate and should be handled with care. These splashbacks are suitable for kitchen and bathroom because the areas don’t require heat or impact-resistant glass. Another option is to install a premium heat-resistant mirror splashback that is made from toughened glass, thus making it more durable.

Textured Splashbacks

Another type of splashback is a textured finish inspired by nature. You can choose a splashback from a vast collection of luxurious textures such as animal skin or gold leaf patterns. Further, you can pick mineral-based finishes from metals such as silver, gold, and copper.

Designer Splashbacks

You can have a liquid mirror splashback that depicts water splashes or droplets patterns. The unique splashback is both eye-catching and visually striking.

Glass splashbacks are a favoured-option for centuries; however, it’s essential to know their pros and cons before installing them in your kitchen.

The Pros of Glass Splashbacks

Beautiful kitchen tiling job done in Bendigo with glass splashbacks

Creates a Spacious Feel

Glass splashbacks are good reflectors of light. These surfaces brighten the kitchen, for they reflect light into this room and creates a spacious feel. Thus, these spaces are ideal for a small or poorly lit kitchen, and such an effect can’t be achieved with paint, tiles, or any other materials. Further, the reflected light makes the kitchen more welcoming, particularly during dark evenings and blue winters.

Aesthetic Impact

Glass splashbacks are beautiful and can add a lovely focal point. Different splashbacks can be used to make a featured kitchen that will be a head-turner. Therefore, you can pick a printed or glossy coloured splashback.

Multiple Choices

Glass splashbacks are available in different colours and effects. Thus, you can choose a single colour or personalize it by printing images such as fruits or crockeries.

Available in Different Prices

Glass splashbacks are available at different prices. Thus, you can always get a design suitable for your budget and lifestyle. The regular ones are used on windows while the strong and most resistant are installed in the kitchen.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The surface is easy to clean and maintain. You need to take a clean towel, dip it in a dishwashing liquid solution, and wipe a stained surface until it’s clean.

The Cons of Glass Splashbacks

Very Costly

Glass splashbacks are a centre of attraction; however, installing a customized glass splashback is very expensive to buy and install. Paint, on the other hand, is less costly, and the process of applying it is secure. Nonetheless, its impact is not comparable to a glass splashback.


Glass splashbacks are complicated to install, unlike painting or tiles. Further, glass is delicate, and there is a need to handle it with care. More so, you must get the right fit for the splashback to get a neat finishing. Therefore, you need an expert like Bendigo Glass Service and tools during the installation process.

Cleaning Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

The primary purpose of splashbacks is to protect kitchen walls against spills and splashes. Different materials are used to create splashbacks, and glass is one of them. As stated, mirrored glass splashbacks are used to enhance the lighting of the kitchen.

These splashbacks have no special maintenance or care like sealing or polishing. However, they require regular cleaning due to water splashes, kitchen grease, fingerprints, and several other marks. The cleaning will maintain the surface’s aesthetic appearance and remove marks that compromise the feature’s appeal.

The following are the ways of cleaning the glass splashbacks.

Clean The Surface Regularly

Glass creates a stain-resistant splashback surface since it’s non-porous. However, some stains are hard to clean when they set into the surface and may require a little more effort when cleaning. Therefore, wipe spills immediately using as a suitable cloth and appropriate detergent.

Use the Right Cleaners: Don’t use a damp cloth alone to clean the glass splashbacks, for it will lead to the spread of greasy spots while the stubborn marks will not be eliminated. Therefore, use a cloth and the right cleaning agent. Spray the preferred product or special glass cleaner on the surface and allow it to soak. Otherwise, you can use a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Always avoid a harsh cleaner, for it can damage the splashback finish.

Pick an Appropriate Cloth

Glass is delicate and can’t withstand abrasive materials. Thus, avoid a metal scourer for it creates thin scratches that build up over time, thus damaging the aesthetics of the glass splashback prematurely. Therefore, opt for a soft lint-free cloth to remove the cleaning agent you poured on the glass surface. Use a paper towel to finish up the cleaning process and ensure that there are no paper particles left on the surface. You can also use a dry cloth to wipe the surface, thus a streak-free finish.


A glass splashback adds a charming appeal to the kitchen; therefore, you have to endure a boring and dull kitchen. Use different types of glass splashbacks to add exciting features. Further, clean the glass splashbacks immediately liquids spills on the using appropriate detergent and cloth. Please visit us at to learn more or you may contact us at 0491 191 933 or email us at [email protected]
for more information.

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