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Glass Splashbacks

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The excessive level of water and moisture in your bathroom does have the potential to cause a range of problems, including damage to your walls and even tiles over time. Putting in place protective measures against this is a great way to avoid any major issues. That’s something that our team can help you with. Our glass service includes the installation of glass splashbacks. A splashback is essentially a guard against water, to make sure that no unnecessary water damage occurs in your bathroom. Glass splash guards are a particularly great choice as they are easy to install and easy to keep clean.

Glass Splashbacks

Long term, it’s important to be aware of the fact that water can do damage to your walls and related parts of your bathroom, so putting a measure of protection in place is important. Without proper care and protection, your home can experience damage, in particular in your bathroom. That’s why having a splashback in your bathroom can be of such importance. One option that we provide as part of service is a glass splashback, which can be an advantageous choice for a number of reasons. We are the professional glass installer that can provide one for your bathroom. So, make sure that your bathroom is protected.


Glass splashbacks are great due to the fact that they are easily cleaned, especially when compared with other types of backsplashes that you can have installed. This has several important benefits. Firstly, it helps to cut down the time required to clean your bathroom. It also removes the need for any professional help to keep things clean, like you might need with tiles for example, and that can save you money. Lastly, it also helps with keeping your bathroom more hygienic and clean. This ease of cleanliness also makes it easy to keep them looking great.

Modern Design

The minimalist nature of glass splashbacks can make them a great modern design element for your bathroom. They also allow the colour of your bathroom to still show through. They can be a great complementary look for frameless or even semi-frameless shower screens, giving your bathroom a real theme and uniform look. They also easier to keep nice and presentable as well, given, as mentioned, they’re a breeze to keep clean. So, if you are looking for a creative and interesting way to give your bathroom a real modern twist, perhaps it’s worth considering a glass backsplash.

Better Option Than Tiles

Glass splashbacks are also a better alternative than tile backsplashes for a number of reasons. Firstly, as mentioned, they are easy to keep clean. This is simply not the case for tile backsplashes, which are difficult to keep clean, as dirt can become trapped in the grout. Along with this glass, backsplashes are also quicker and easier to install, and are easy to adjust later if you decide you want to remodel or change up the arrangement of your bathroom. Tile backsplashes offer none of these benefits.


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