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One way of upgrading your bathroom is to install a shower screen. These features are available in different designs that allow you to have a stylish shower area after undertaking a complete bathroom renovation. 

Besides being functional, the glass allows light through, creating an illusion of space, which is vital in smaller bathrooms. 

While most Australian bathroom measures 2.7m x 1.8 m, installing a shower will leave less space to work with. Thus choosing the best shower screens types in Bendigo that suit your bathroom is crucial.   

The article will consider different shower screens that are ideal for a small to average bathroom size. This will give you an idea which is the best shower screen for your needs.

Shower screen installation done in Bendigo with semi frameless shower screen

Framed Shower Screens  

Most homeowners opt for fully framed shower screens, particularly for their busy family bathrooms. The option gives them a full enclosure because it’s made of glass panels supported by frames made of aluminium. The shower screen is available in different configurations, thus ideal for bathrooms of all sizes. The fully framed shower screen offers excellent performance and unmatched strength. It’s also an excellent option for budget-conscious homeowners with a big family.  

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens 

These are framed shower screens with a more subtle frame. They have a sophisticated design similar to that of frameless shower screens and strength like the framed versions. The semi-framed shower screens are suitable for those homeowners seeking durable and stylish bathrooms. 

Frameless shower screens  

These are sleek and minimalistic choices that feature a simple, modern design with minimum hardware supporting the glass panel. The option is the right choice for a smaller bathroom with space constraint, thus their seamless appearance. 

The frameless design will take little space, and will give your bathroom a seamless appearance. The light flows naturally from every end of the shower. 

These shower screens are costlier than the framed or semi-frameless models. Thus, they make the space to appear larger. Bendigo Glass Service will give you a competitive price for these best shower screens in Bendigo; thus, your bathroom remodelling project will fall within the budget. 

You should choose this stylish shower screen made with the highest standards to make the bathroom more attractive.  

Sliding Door Shower Screens 

These are great space saver shower screens. The sliding door option provides closed enclosures without doors opening in and outwards, thus saving immense space. Therefore, the sliding doors are the best shower screens types in Bendigo, for they save immense space and are suitable for smaller bathrooms. 

Pivot Door Shower Screens 

These shower screens rotate from a single point. They have been in the shower screen market for many years and are available in different designs and styles. One of the many downsides of this, is that they are only used in bigger bathrooms because huge space is needed to open and close the door. 

Thus, consider installing the best shower screens types in Bendigo like the pivot door option in a big bathroom to complement their décor.   

Fixed Panel Shower Screens 

These are simple but luxurious shower screen option. They offer a minimalist look, for they have a frameless single glass panel. The option is also suitable for homes with large bathrooms that can offer a drying area open to the room. 

Quadrant Shower Screens  

Do you have some space at the corner of your bathroom? If so, you can install a quadrant shower screen, which is typically designed to fit into such an area. The quadrant shower screen has sliding doors, thus saving space in small bathrooms. This screen shower offers a gorgeous design that makes this wet space much more practical and attractive. 

Offset quadrant shower offers a stunning design for small-sized bathrooms. The shower screen is more precise and engineered to precision, thus can fit in a limited space. The option has a revisable door, and the glass panel is made of toughened safety glass. 

Bi-Fold Door Shower Screens 

These are practical and stylish shower screens that save space while their opening mechanism gives them a sleek, attractive look. The bi-fold shower screens have more than two folds and an excellent selection of contemporary bathrooms. 

These shower screens offer one package: practical, stylish, affordable, and attractive. 

Maintaining the Shower Screen 

Discussed above are the best shower screens in Bendigo. These features require the right maintenance routine to keep them looking original like the first day they were installed. 

To achieve a sparkling look throughout the year, you have to put in consistent effort. The following are some of the vital cleaning processes that you can use when cleaning the shower screen. 

Natural Products

Most commercial shower screen cleaning products have a potential threat to your health. However, you can make a cleaning concoction using vinegar and water. Use a non-abrasive cloth and the mixture to clean the shower screen. 

Rinse and Dry the Shower Screen after Taking a Bath

The shower will get wet ad soapy after each use; however, you shouldn’t allow it to stay like that because of the mineral deposits and stubborn soap stains. Thus the only way to minimize your cleaning efforts and always leave your shower in top shape is to insist on prevention.   

Thus, every family should rinse and dries the shower screens after taking a shower. Sprinkle a gentle stream from the mildly warm water and use a dry rag with a soft texture to dry it. 

Avoid Abrasive Tools:

Scrubbing and rough bristles brushes should not be used when cleaning the shower screens, for they will erode the material. Choose a soft cloth suitable for cleaning acrylic, glass, and mirrors. It should not leave fluff residue on the glass panel surface.  

Proper Ventilation

Our recently installed shower screen in Bendigo with a frameless shower screen

The bathroom should be well ventilated to help keep the surfaces dry the entire day. On the other hand, moulds thrive in a humid environment, thus ensuring proper air circulation in the shower. 

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