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You may be wondering how the triple-paned windows and double-paned windows differ or whether triple glazing one will make sense in your project.

Triple glazed windows have become a popular option in recent years despite the long-standing concerns regarding their actual benefits when compared to the perceived costs. These windows are 20% more costly than their double glazed counterpart.

Supporters of the triple glazed windows praise them for their comfort and quality. How different are they from the doubled glazed ones? The article will provide you with in-depth information about triple glazed windows.

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Double Glazing or Triple Glazing: Which is Superior?

Triple glazed windows have three panes of glass or while double glazed has two within a sealed frame. There is a pocket of argon gas between each pane. Argon is used because it’s inert, heavier than air, and serves as a heat and noise insulator.

In triple glazing, the third pane is located between the inner and outer pane, thus creating double airlocks that double glazing doesn’t have. Thus, the setup offers 50% more energy performance than the double glazed ones.

Energy Performance

Energy efficiency is affected by the type of gas used, the warm edge spacer, the frames used, and the glass coating. Thus, the most appropriate ones are the insulated frames, for they provide an excellent airtightness rating.

The U value measurement of single glazed is 5.0W/m2k, double glazed 1.4 while tripled glazed ranges between 0.5-0.8. On the other hand, the U value for walls is 0.3; thus, windows are weaker spots and the need to improve their energy performance.

The PVC triple glazed windows are superior to PVC double glazed ones, for they have 40% more energy efficient. Thus, they can save most of the 26% heat loss that occurs through the windows.


The triple-glazed windows are slightly expensive when compared to double glaze one. However, it’s worth the investment because of the comfort you get with triple glazing. These windows reduce condensation, thus higher indoor relative humidity, particularly in cold weather. They also reduce cold drafts due to the entry of cold air. You can combine both double and triple glazed to cut costs, which will still improve energy efficiency and comfort.


Both windows have the same high standards frames, internally beaded, multi-chambered profile, and fully welded corners. However, the triple glazed windows have more weight than the double glazed ones hence the use of robust stainless steel egress hinges.

Further, their glass is thicker, and the slimmer internal bead is used to accommodate the extra thickness. Therefore the triple pane is more noise resistant to the double pane.

Advantages of Triple Glazing

Glazing a window is all about comfort. Imagine living in a house that has a roof, walls, and floor insulation but not window glazing. You will have cold spots at night, which contribute to draughts, and streams of condensation on the panes when they draw heat from you. Therefore, you have to match the standard of insulation throughout the house by window glazing. The following are the benefits of triple glazing.

Higher Levels of Thermal Comfort: triple glazing hangs onto heat than other forms of glazing. For instance, it has an energy efficiency of 18oC in a room heated to 21 oC while the double glazed one has 16 oC.

Lower Risk of Condensation: triple glazed windows have a better U value, which is significantly lower than the other glazing. This helps in minimizing internal condensation issues because these windows keep the heat inside the house and prevent interaction between the warm inner air and the cold external temperature. However, condensation is caused by higher humidity levels inside the house as a result of wetness, tumble dryers, or poor ventilation.

Noise reduction ad acoustic performance: while double glazing helps in reducing noise, triple glazing is superior in reducing sound transmission. That means that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep while leaving on a busy road.

Increase security: the three glass layers have added protection due to the thicker area that is harder to break when compared to the regular glazing.

Disadvantages of Triple Glazed Windows
The Window Is Heavy:

The three panes increase the weight of this window, which can cause a problem with weaker sash materials. Further, you can install the window in an old structure that has nil to little wall insulation.

The extra weight also contributes to higher labour costs, and their casements have width limitations. It can also damage the walls if you don’t support them properly due to the extra weight. Therefore you need to consider these factors before opting for triple glazed windows.


The window has a condensation challenge on the outer side of the window, which is caused by the thickness of the glass. The window’s performance is compromised if installed wrongly.


The window is expensive to install as compared to the double glazed windows. The added glass pane increases the cost by 20-30%. However, this investment is worth during the cold climates, unlike in milder months.

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Does Triple Glazing Add Any Value To Your Home?

Windows performance is different from roofs and windows during sunshine hours, for they can absorb heat. They are net contributors to heat during the heating season.

On the other hand, the triple-glazed windows reduce heat absorption. Windows are rated top when they absorb heat at the same degree they lose it. Thus, double and triple glazed windows are considered at the top of energy labels.

Thus having a triple glazed window is an added advantage, and again most governments are encouraging homeowners to upgrade to this option due to reduced energy usage.

Reduced global warming and carbon emission can be achieved through upgraded features like glazed windows.

Therefore, investing in triple glazed windows add value to your home and is looked on favourably in this age and day. You can contact Bendigo Glass service, which are experts in window repair, replacement and installation.

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